Internships and Volunteers 

We often provide observation hours as a volunteer or therapy program internships at many of our sites.  Priority is given to those individuals that are actively applying for a therapy program, or are currently in a therapy program.

  1. Please complete the Clinical, Volunteers & Intern Packet and return your completed application, all supporting documents outlined in the packet as well as a resume to
  • If you are looking to complete observational hours (Volunteer) that are not affiliated with a specific university program, you will need to submit a $100 processing fee by credit card:  Click Here to Pay
  • If you are applying for a Clinical Rotation (Internship) as a part of your degree program we will waive the $100 processing fee

We will only add candidates once all documentation and payment has been received.  We accept many volunteers and clinical students each and every year but can only place a certain amount in our facilities.  Thank you for your interest in our clinical student intern and observational volunteer programs.