Our evaluations include job analyses, office ergonomics consulting and training.  Many of Californian’s largest employers rely upon our consultants and therapy clinics for their occupational health needs. We offer preplacement physical ability testing and physical therapy to workplace accommodations.

Our ergonomic and risk management consultants include licensed clinicians with extensive training and experience in occupational health. Certified ergonomists, hand therapists, physical therapists and other health and safety consultants are all part of our risk management team.

To schedule and ergonomic evaluation please pay here:

Staffing Services

We can solve your staffing shortages or needs. By providing Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists and/or Assistants who are qualified for your specific environment. We can contract for daily, short term or long term assignments. Quality of service, technical skill and productivity are our top priorities. If you have staffing needs, please email

Organization Training

We employ a diverse group of qualified trainers in almost any area you might be interested in or need. A California recognized provider for CEUs for Nursing Home Administrators, RNs, LVNs, Nursing Assistants. Including continued education and training we provide for Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists and Assistants.

We can provide training on site or through the internet. Some of our training programs include but are not limited to:

  1. Management
    • Effective Supervision
    • Effective Hiring Techniques
    • Sexual & General Harassment
    • Dealing with the difficult employee
    • Performance Reviews
    • Progressive Discipline-How to
    • Termination-How to
  2. Customer Service
    • Effective Customer Service Skills
  3. Labor Law
    • Wage/Hour
    • Employment
    • Employee Conduct
  4. Risk Management
    • HIPAA
    • Corporate Compliance Programming
    • Effective Admininstration of Work Comp Claims
    • Work Place Security
  5. Organizational
    • Effective Organization Change Processes
    • Constructively Managing Change
    • Teambuilding
  6. Employee Development
    • Communication Skill Development
    • How to respond in a negative environment
    • Life Work Choices
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
  7. Employee/Patient Investigations
    • How-to’s – Investigations & Protections
  8. RNA
    • Training for Certification
  1. Body Mechanics
    • How to transfer, walk, care for patients w/out getting hurt
  2. Value of Services
    • Self Esteem Building for therapists & their services
  3. Financial Well Being for Company
    • How to understand billing/financial processes/services
  4. Building a SNF Rehab Program
    • How to Screen/liaison/Ensure Services to customers
  5. PPS/Medicare Regs

    This section is under development. Thank you for your patience.

  6. Documentating to the MDS
    • ID MDS def., Understanding charting, daily doc.
  7. Bariatric Ergonomic Training
    • How to care for obese patients
  8. Safety in the Home
    • Assess home safety/recommend changes