Burger Rehabilitation Services

With clinical excellence and client service, we provide physical, occupational and speech therapy services in outpatient clinics, acute care hospitals, skilled nursing hospitals, home health agencies, senior residential communities, schools and employer-based occupational health clinics.  It’s our longstanding commitment to provide a full array of physical rehabilitation services in all practice settings, for all ages and for nearly every condition.


Our outpatient network of clinics in the provide, evaluative and treat for a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions.

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Skilled Nursing

In addition to its extensive network of outpatient rehabilitation centers and wide array of specialized therapy services, we have been a leader in skilled nursing rehab program management since 1978.

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Acute Care

Our acute hospital therapy teams work with immediate post-operative orthopedic patients as well as patients with recent neurological injuries. Our clinicians have extensive experience working with elderly clients residing in skilled nursing facilities and possess a thorough understanding of the regulatory and reimbursement issues in the inpatient acute and skilled nursing environment.

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The Burger Pediatric Therapy Center is a specialized clinic devoted entirely to meeting the orthopedic, neurological and developmental needs of children from birth to adolescence. Most referrals are made by school district special education program specialists or by their primary physician.

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Ergonomics & Risk Management

In addition to our extensive therapy network, we offer employer solutions geared towards job site solutions focusing on risk management and administrative training.

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Restorative Nursing Programs

Give your skilled nursing facility a performance edge by training members of your nursing team. Update and improve patient care with quality restorative nursing programs. We have trained over 1000 nursing assistants as restorative aides.

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Professional Wellness for Assisted & Independent Living

Our philosophy of care is to meet the rehabilitation needs of the residents who have an injury or illness. Assisting in the prevention of illness and injury to promote wellness by bridging the gap between Rehabilitation and Habilitation, By focusing on helping residents maintain a healthier, active way of living.

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OPTOGAIT Balance and Walking Analysis

Gait analysis and balance testing can immediately identify asymmetries. OPTOGAIT visual feedback training module can enhance the ability to bring the body back into balance for optimal mechanical efficiency during gait.

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