Our philosophy of care is to meet the rehabilitation needs of the residents who have an injury or illness.  Assisting in the prevention of illness and injury to promote wellness by bridging the gap between Rehabilitation and Habilitation, By focusing on helping residents maintain a healthier, active way of living. With goals of fitness and injury prevention we are providing an opportunity to go beyond the basics of physical, occupational, and speech therapy for residents.

The Bridge provides an opportunity for general fitness, mental and physical exercise to promote wellness, and improved social interaction for residents of skilled, assisted, and independent living facilities. Adding to the skills and expertise of licensed therapists, qualified fitness instructors are brought in to provide the services necessary to bridge the gaps left when therapy is no longer medically necessary. This approach provides a much needed wellness and prevention service that is typically not available to many seniors.

What We Can Do For Your Residents:

  • New admission screening at the facility
  • Report cards on the Tinetti Balance & Gait Evaluation of the residents
  • Each resident can receive an initial Tinetti Balance & Gait Evaluation
  • Follow-up 30-day evaluation and 6-month evaluations
  • Certified personal training evaluation & program
  • Fitness classes
  • Balance training & posture classes

Benefits For Your Residents:

  • Better resident and caregiver satisfaction
  • More social interaction
  • Better quality of life

Here Are Some of the Facility Benefits:

  • Therapist expertise to help identify issues before they become problems
  • Improved psychological well being
  • Personal fitness regimes designed with therapist input
  • Reduced incidence of falls and re-hospitalization
  • Reduced need for heavy duty care
  • We handle all the billing
  • Regular therapist hours

Take a Look at Some of Our Classes:

  • Pelvic Strengthening & Bladder Control Training
  • Gait Analysis, Body Posture, Body Mechanics
  • Balance Classes & Fall Prevention
  • Aquatic Therapy Classes

Added Benefit of Low-Cost Fitness Training Memberships

Your residents will have access to customized Fitness Training, Functional Maintenance and Personal Coaching programs that can be tailor-made to your community, your budget and your residents.

Qualified Fitness trainers compliment our Therapy Professionals by being trained to recognize and report improvements or declines in resident participation, ability or stamina.

Customized exercise programs are developed by our therapists and administered by our Certified Fitness Trainers. This gives the residents and your facility a professionally designed fitness program at a low-cost delivery option.

Post-therapy functional maintenance programs are constantly monitored by on-site therapists.